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Play all the 5 rounds and score highest with each of the rounds. The top 3 scorers will win the title of "POGO CRICKET CHAMP 2012" and exclusive POGO prizes! Start scoring!
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Q.1 What is Pogo Cricket Academy?
Pogo Cricket Academy is a cricket contest on POGO.TV where you need to clear 5 cricket based rounds with Chhota Bheem and, Kumbh and Karan. These rounds would test your online cricket game skills.
The rounds are:

1.Batting Practice
2. Bowling Practice
3. Fielding Practice
4. Power Strike
5. Umpire IQ

Q.2 Is this a real cricket academy?
If you want to play in the Indian team, you still have to go out and play some real cricket. Pogo cricket academy is where we test your online gaming skills with five training game rounds designed to test your batting, bowling, fielding and cricket game IQ.

Q.3 What do I get?
Glory! Fame! And a chance to finally prove that you are the best cricket gamer on Pogo!

You need to complete all five rounds to win a Pogo Cricket Academy certificate. Your scores will be compared against the best players on Pogo.TV. If you are amongst the top three you get a special certificate that certifies you as 'POGO Cricket Champ'! And you can flaunt it amongst friends and other players on Pogo.TV. Games on Pogo.TV are played by some of the best online gamer kids in the country. Can you really compete with the best?

Q.4 How do I play?
Start with Round 1. Once you clear the first round and get a good score, the second round (game) is unlocked. There are 4 rounds you need to unlock and play to win a completion certificate. Remember, you get a completion certificate only when you complete all five rounds.

Q.5 Can I play a game again to improve my scores?
Yes, you can play a game as many times as you want. Your highest score will be displayed. So if you think you can do better on a game score, play again to improve your scores.

Q.6 How do I know who is leading the score table and how am I doing?
The top 11 scorers are shown here. On this page, you can also see your scores and compare your rank with others.

Q.7 Do I have to play all five games at a time?
No. We will save your latest scores and which game you were on. You can come back whenever to continue playing from where you left off.

Q.8 What is the eligibility requirement for the academy?
There is no requirement! Just that you need a computer with internet, a mouse and be prepared to have lots of fun!


This cricket season practice and sharpen your cricket skills with the fun cricket games on and claim the title of POGO Cricket Champ 2012.
All you have to do is clear all the rounds of POGO Cricket Academy. Score the highest to be amongst the top 11 scorers on POGO Cricket Academy!
For details on Contest Rules Click here.